Marvin's Delivers to Founder of the Popular Campus Eatery

Marvin's Delivers to Founder of the Popular Campus Eatery

June 22, 2012

"In the 30-year tradition that is 'Marvin's delivers anywhere,' ubiquitous homemade banners and signs proclaiming the Greencastle eatery's propensity for publicity have popped up virtually everywhere," begins a story in the Banner-Graphic. "They've been photographed at Graceland, unfurled at every tropical isle this side of Gilligan's, and even proudly misinterpreted as a political statement in Moscow's Red Square. But never, until Wednesday in the dining room of Autumn Glen Senior Community on Greencastle's East Side, had Marvin's delivered to Marvin."

Eric Bernsee's article details how Marvin Long, the 88-year-old founder of the restaurant, and other residents at Autumn Glen received a food delivery from the eatery, which is now owned by Kevin Sullivan.

Long is recovering from health issues at Autumn Glen, the story notes, and "is hopeful of returning to his Elm Street home with wife Kitty shortly as they face the possibility of selling the house they have lived in since 1962 and moving into senior living accommodations permanently."

He tells the newspaper, "I came to town with the A & P in 1962, and we've been here ever since in the same house."

The story recounts how the idea of taking the "Marvin's delivers" photos came from Jeff Travis, who graduated from DePauw in 1985, and how Long stays in touch with many alumni and friends from the college.

"What I miss the most about it all, is that when somebody would come in, and I'd know them by name," Long says.

Read the full story at the Banner-Graphic's website.

In a 2010 look at "Homes to 7 liberal arts schools that are well worth a visit," the Chicago Tribune noted, "For a quick bite, try Marvin's, a campus hangout for generations, known for its garlic cheeseburgers."

In April, Marvin Long sat down for an interview with Ken Owen '82, executive director of media relations for DePauw, to share his memories of Marvin's, which opened in the 1970s.  The video can be seen below: