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DePauw Vocalists Take Honors at Statewide Competition

DePauw Vocalists Take Honors at Statewide Competition

November 4, 2013

LGL 6083Student musicians from DePauw University made strong showings at the 2013 Indiana State NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Auditions, with 13 receiving first place awards.  More than 350 Indiana college students competed in the event, which took place at DePauw's Green Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, November 2.

DePauw students competed against students from Indiana University–Bloomington, Indiana State University, Ball State University, Butler University, Anderson University, Taylor University and Indiana University-South Bend, among others.

Following are the DePauw University student award-winners, with the name of their principal voice teacher noted in parenthesis:

  •  First & Second Year College Men & Women (Musical Theatre) - 1st Place: Yazid Pierce-Gray (Caroline Smith).
  • Third & Fourth Year, Graduate Men & Women (Musical Theatre) - 3rd Place: Gwendolyn Eberts (Barbara Paré).
  • First Year College Women (Classical) - 1st Place (Room 1): Julia Massicotte (Valentin Lanzrein); 3rd Place (Room 1): Brittny Goon (Pamela Coburn); 1st Place (Room 2): Sarah Pistorius (Caroline EAST COLLEGE TOWERSmith); 2nd Place (Room 2): Shannon Barry (Pamela Coburn); 3rd Place (Room 2): Kimberly DeBusschere (Caroline Smith); 2nd Place (Room 3): Madeleine Piscetta (Pamela Coburn); 1st Place (Room 4): Hannah Gauthier (Caroline Smith).
  • First Year College Men (Classical) - 1st Place (Room 2): Blake Beckemeyer (Caroline Smith); 2nd Place (Room 2): Alex Reznich (Caroline Smith).
  • Second Year College Women (Classical) - 1st Place (Room 1): Sydney Cason (Pamela Coburn); 3rd Place (Room 1): Sara Blanton (Pamela Coburn); 1st Place (Room 3): Julie Strauser (Caroline Smith); 2nd Place (Room 3): Dana Hart (Caroline Smith); 3rd Place (Room 3): Alyssa Wilson (Caroline Smith).
  • Second Year College Men (Classical) - 2nd Place (Room 2): Dallas Gray (Kerry Jennings); 1st Place (Room 3): Benjamin Davis (Kerry Jennings).
  • Mature Beginner - 3rd Place (tie): Melanie Case (Caroline Smith) and Crystal Lau (Pamela Coburn).
  • Third Year College Women (Classical) - 2nd Place (Room 1): Caitlin Handy (Barbara Paré); 1st Place (Room 3): Anna Gatdula (Kerry Jennings); 2nd Place (Room 3): Brooke Addison (Valentin Lanzrein).
  • Third Year College Men (Classical) - 2nd Place (Room 1): Patrick Brems (Barbara Paré); 1st Place (Room 2): Joseph Leppek (Caroline Smith).
  • Fourth Year College Women (Classical) - 1st Place (Room 2): Elleka Okerstrom (Caroline Smith); 2nd Place (Room 2): Emily Barnash (Pamela Coburn).
  • Fourth Year College Men (Classical) MEC 0241st Place (tie): Lance Orta (Kerry Jennings); 3rd Place (tie): Nicholas Hinz (Kerry Jennings) and Blake Lampton (Kerry Jennings).
  • Advanced Men & Women (Classical) (Fifth Year Seniors, Grad Students, ages 22–25) - 1st Place: Lucas Wassmer (Caroline Smith).

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