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Finance and Administration

Cultural Attributes/Core Values

1.     Exercise Unwavering Integrity

Ensure that day-to-day decisions are grounded in integrity.  Recognize and appropriately respond to gray areas. 

2.     Apply Consistent Aspirational Approach

Strive to make DePauw a better place today than yesterday.  Never miss an opportunity to improve DePauw and ourselves.  Work hard.      

3.     Operate with Appropriate Stewardship

Exercise responsible stewardship and discipline when allocating resources.  Ensure investment and allocation decisions are grounded in institutional health vs. individual preference and are ultimately grounded in the DePauw student experience.    

4.     Recognize the Value of Others

Be open, honest, transparent and respectful in dealings with others.  Remember and embrace the role of a support function within an organization.   

 5.     Maintain a Positive Attitude/Mindset

Start and end each day knowing that you will/have lived a set of core values and will/have applied the DePauw mission in daily decision making.