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Student Leave of Absence Procedure

A student in good academic and social standing may be granted a Leave of Absence for up to two semesters. (Good standing includes the status at the end of the semester prior to the leave.) The student must have definite plans to return to DePauw within one year. A leave can be granted for many non-medical reasons, such as study or research purposes, personal/family issues. The benefit of the Leave of Absence policy is primarily for registration, financial aid and housing purposes. In addition, the student will continue to have access to e-mail and Student e-Services (advising transcript and Searchable Schedule of Classes). The Registrar and Vice President of Student Academic Life give final approval for each leave. Note: Although students may be off two semesters, the grace period for student loan repayment begins after one semester’s absence.

Process for Requesting a Leave of Absence

  1. Complete the Application for Leave of Absence
  2. Student Academic Life Office: Complete an exit interview with a representative from the Student Academic Life Office before the semester in which you would like to take a leave of absence.
  3. Financial Aid Office: If you have loans, you must also complete a loan exit interview with a representative from the Financial Aid Office. If you have loans and plan to enroll in another school must have the other school complete an in-school deferment form.
  4. Office of the Registrar: If the student plans to study at another U.S. college during their leave, the student follows the standard transfer credit approval process (credit approval form) in order for credit to transfer back to DePauw. All off campus study approval processes must be followed for credit to transfer from programs that the International Education Committee would normally be responsible for approving.
  5. Cash Receipts Office: To ensure there are no balances that need to be paid.

Processing a Leave of Absence

After consulting with the Student Academic Life Office, the Office of the Registrar notifies campus offices of the Leave of Absence by placing the student's name on the withdrawal list. The withdrawal list will provide ‘Leave of Absence’ and the length of leave. The student is changed to a special status (such as ‘V’) after grades are produced. [The ‘V’ status indicates the student plans to return to DePauw within one or two semesters.] This status is significant for housing, registration and financial aid (loans, scholarships, etc.) purposes. The student's name is placed on the readmit list for the semester s/he plans to return as a pending readmit (meaning the name is placed on the list for tracking purposes but notification is not sent to campus offices until the student verifies s/he is returning).

Returning from a Leave of Absence

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of the Registrar of their intent to return.

  1. The student completes the Leave of Absence Return form at least one month prior to the term of intended return. It is to the student’s advantage to complete the process prior to registration for that term however; as the form must be received before the student may register or arrange for University housing. The form is available on the Web and in the Office of the Registrar.
  2. The Registrar, in consultation with the Vice President of Student Academic Life or designee, processes the form and notifies the student that they are approved to return. The student must have met all financial obligations to the University before returning. The student is held to the same behavioral standards as current students while on a leave of absence.
  3. If the student studied elsewhere, an official transcript and the Dean of Students Recommendation (form available in the registrar’s office) are required prior to taking formal action.
  4. The Office of the Registrar notifies the student and campus offices of the returning student. Information services/Registrar’s office changes the student’s status to ‘L’.

The student contacts:

  • Their advisor for the RAC number for registration
  • The Campus Living and Community Development or the president of their fraternity/sorority for housing arrangements
  • The financial aid and loan offices, if appropriate*
  • The Cash Receipts Office. Any unpaid balance due on the student's account must be resolved before their return to DePauw University.

If the student decides not to return to DePauw, they need to notify the Student Academic Life Office.  If nothing is heard from the student by the beginning of the semester of intended return, the student’s status will be changed to a regular withdrawal.

Your Information

Information About Your Leave

Prior to possible approval of this request for a leave of absence, you are required to contact the following offices to review leave of absence policies:

  • Student Academic Life
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Cash Receipts Office
  • Financial Aid Office (if you have loans)