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Title IX: Equity & Access

As an institiution, DePauw University is commited to honoring our obligations under Title IX

Title IX

Title IX is a federal law, enacted in 1972, which protects students who participate in education programs or activities from discrimination based on sex. In its early history in American colleges, Title IX was used to create athletic opportunities and gender equity for women and men involved in sports.

In 2011 the Department of Education instructed all educational institutions receiving federal financial aid that Title IX enforcement would also include issues of sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

The goal of Title IX is to ensure equal opportunity and gender equity for all members of the DePauw community.

Our Obligations

In compliance with Title IX, DePauw University has: 

  • a policy of nondiscrimination
  • a designated Title IX Coordinator--Renee Madison, Senior Advisor to the President for Diversity and Compliance
  • adopted and published a grievance policy and process for providing for prompt and equitable resolution of student and employee sex discrimination complaints

Title IX complaints can be filed with the DePauw University Title IX coordinator, Renee Madison, in person in the Office of the President, by phone at 765-658-4914 or via email.

It is the institution's obligation to swiftly respond to any Title IX complaint by conducting an investigation and taking appropriate remedial action such as referring the case to the appropriate adjudication body.

Title IX complaints can also be filed with Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights.


Stevie Baker-Watson (Deputy Title IX Coordinator)
Jana Grimes (Deputy Title IX Coordinator)
Andrew Hayes (Deputy Title IX Coordinator)
Myrna Hernandez (Deputy Title IX Coordinator)
Renee Madison (Title IX Coordinator)
Neal McKinney
Julianne Miranda
Sarah Ryan
Juli Smith
Rebecca Upton (Deputy Title IX Coordinator, on leave Fall 2017)
Wendy Wippich