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Student Organization Resources

Campus Resource and Organization Information

Campus Activities is here to assist you with all of your student group needs. Below, we have a variety of resources regarding student organization. If you have questions about any of these documents or need additional information, please send an email to campusactivities@depauw.edu

Commercial Card Information:

Commercial Cards are available for use by student organizations to purchase items necessary for programming. To receive authorization for use of the Commercial Cards students must go through training with Campus Activities. For any questions please contact the Campus Activities Coordinator. 

Reimbursement Information:

Should a student organization not use the commercial card for a purchase they do have the option to receive reimbursement. They should come to the Campus Activities front desk for the reimbursement form and turn that information to the Campus Activities Coordinator. ALL REIMBURSEMENT REQUESTS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 15 DAYS OF THE PURCHASE. 

Contract Information:

Contracts are due to the Campus Activities Office no later than three (3) weeks prior to the event. Contracts should be signed by the other party when submitted for review. The student organization should submit the contract and request EBE funding simultaneously; both through CampusLabs. Only once it has been confirmed that DSG Allocations is willing to fund the contract will it be reviewed by the Campus Activities Office and the VP of Student Affairs. Once the contract has been submitted changes to the amount, time, date, or OCG of the event are STRONGLY discouraged. 

If any changes are needed with your contract, a staff member will contact you and provide instructions on needed changes. The three template contracts below should be used for all contracts. Please contact the Campus Activities Office if you have questions on which contract to use or for any exceptions.

If your contract is approved then you will need to submit a W-9 and Direct Deposit Form on behalf of your vendor. You will need to submit this documentation prior to your event. For additional contract questions, please email campusactivities@depauw.edu

Student Organization Space Information:

To request the use of the Student Organization Space in the Union Building Basement please mail the Campus Activities Coordinator directly. Please submit any requests for the space a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the planned event

Student Organization Resources:

 Allocations Funding Guidelines

W-9 Form

Liability Release Forms:

DePauw Liability Release and Medical Consent Form