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Campus Life is here to assist you with all of your student group needs. Below, we have a variety of resources for your use. If you have questions about any of these documents or need additional information, please send us an email!

Commercial Card Information:

Commercial cards will not be available for student organization use until after the President and Treasurer of the organization have completed their finance training. Additional information will be posted after the trainings.

Voucher Information:

Vouchers are used to request a check for payment to a vendor for goods or services with appropriate invoice or for reimbursement of purchase with appropriate receipts. All vouchers must be signed by an approved Campus Life staff member. The approved President or Treasurer of recognized student organizations should complete a voucher, attach clear documentation of invoice or receipts, and bring both items to the Office of Campus Life. Vouchers are due to the Business Office by 2 PM on Tuesdays. An updated signature card is required to be on file at the Business Office for payment to be processed. A W9 will also be required to be submitted.

Contract Information:

Contracts are due to the Office of Campus Life no later than two (2) Tuesdays prior to the Event-by-Event meeting you wish to attend. We can not guarantee that contracts submitted within this (2) week period will be signed in time. Contracts should be signed by the other party when submitted for review. If your contract is over $500, you will also need to complete at time of submission a voucher for if the contract is approved. If any changes are needed with your contract, a staff member will contact you and provide instructions on needed changes. The three template contracts below should be used for all contracts. Please contact the Office of Campus Life if you have questions on which contract to use or for any exceptions.

Contract for Services by Current DePauw Student

Contract for Services by Off Campus Individual or Group

Contract for Instructor/Coach Services by Off Campus Individual (not DePauw affiliated)

If a contract is approved, you will be permitted to request funding from the DePauw Student Government Allocations Board by requesting an Event-by-Event meeting. Should the board approve your funding, the contract will be returned to you. You will need to submit an approved voucher for payment, as well as a W9 to finalize this process. For additional contract questions, please email the Office of Campus Activities.

Student Organization Space Information:

Two members of your DSG Recognized Student Organization may get access Card Access to the Student Organization Space. They will need to complete the following Agreement Form and return it to Campus Life prior to being given access.

Student Organization Leader ID Access 2017-2018

Student Organization Resources:

Campus Life Organization Resource Guidebook

 Allocations Funding Guidelines

DePauw University Student Organization Contract Policy

W-9 Form

Liability Release Forms:

DePauw Liability Release and Medical Consent Form