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The Community Standards Review Board consists of five students and the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. Students were selected through an application process and selected with the assistance of DePauw Student Government. The Review Board makes determinations in instances when a student or organization denies responsibility. The Review Board will review the initial reports, notes from the intake meeting, denial statement, and any other relevant information presented. The Review Board will make a determination of responsibility and, if applicable, determine a sanction.

The student members of the Community Standards Review Board for the fall 2021 semester are:

Rana Muhammad Hamza- Senior, Punjabi, He/Him

Aolani (Catrina) Cano- Junior, Latina, She/Her/Hers

Luca Vollono- Junior, Caucasian, He/Him

Elise Monroe- Sophomore, Caucasian, She/her

Micaiah Furbert- First-Year, African-American, He/Him

When the Review Board meets, there will be two students and one staff member reviewing information from a specific situation. There are more than two student members on the review board so that students can remove themselves from a specific situation if they have conflict of interests. In those situations, the information will be reviewed by other students on the board.