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Summer Internships

Summer is an excellent time for you to explore career industries via internships. You may work with an organization of your choosing to initiate an individually-customized internship, or you may apply for competitive internship programs sponsored by a wide variety of companies and organizations. The Hubbard Center staff is available to assist students in pursuing summer internship opportunities.

DePauw Choice Summer Internships

These internships are established by alumni and friends of DePauw University, and are often designed specifically with DePauw students in mind.   Internships are located in a wide variety of industries around the world. Unpaid internship opportunities in this category may qualify for funding through the Summer Grant Program.  To log in, use your DePauw username and your student ID as your password. Once in TigerTracks use the one-click search for "DePauw Choice Internships".  Click here to apply for these exciting opportunities...

Summer Internship Grant Program

The Hubbard Center Summer Internship Grant Program exists to award students for summer internship experiences.  The internships supported by this competitive program will provide a learning experience that connects full-time summer work to individual academic and professional goals.  Selected students will be supported for the summer in the amount of $3,000, and preference will be given to unpaid offers, and work in non-profit, government, and start-up environments.  Two types of internships are funded through the program, and students may apply for grants for one, but not both. 

The 2014 Summer Internship Grant cycle is now closed.  We will post information regarding the 2015 Summer Internship Grant Program during the 2014-15 academic year.


UNIV 297

Enrollment in UNIV 297 is intended for those students who have established an internship with a host organization, and who wish to actively link this internship with their academic program at DePauw. Click here to learn more...

Winter Term Externships

Each Winter Term, hundreds of DePauw students participate in full-time, month-long externships all over the world. To receive Winter Term credit, you can work with the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement staff to plan and develop externship placements that are professionally and intellectually rigorous. Click here to learn more...

Semester Internships

If you're looking to spend a semester engaged in high-quality, immersive learning experiences you may choose to partake in one of our many semester-long internship programs. Many of the off-campus study programs approved for DePauw credit integrate internship participation into their missions or offer internship components. You may research options by viewing the list of approved programs, scheduling a meeting with the Hubbard Center staff, or by dropping by during our walk-in hours. Click here to learn more...

If these programs are not an appropriate fit for you, you may also consider applying for independently-designed off-campus internships.  These internships consist of academic credit for full-time, semester-long internships in conjunction with academic work. Planning for a semester off-campus involves collaboration with faculty and staff far in advance. You should seek advising as early as possible. Many students enrolled in classes on campus also participate in part-time, on-campus semester internships.

Want to learn more about how you might enhance your DePauw education through internship experiences?  Visit the Hubbard Center of Student Engagement or contact our Coordinator of Employer Relations & Internships.

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Deb Jones, our career services director, gives advice in this article about turning internships into full-time jobs.

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Eye-opening figure. It's important to remember that job search is more than submitting applications and resume.

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