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Fall Semester information

John Berry

398BA: AdvStudio:Painting

Brittany Sievers

398CA: AdvStudio:Ceramics

Cynthia O'Dell

398EA: AdvStudio:Landscape Photography and Environmental Activism

Would you like to know how to create a compelling landscape photograph while learning to navigate the nature park? Are you interested in learning how photographs have been used as a tool to educate the public about environmental crisis and climate change?

In this seminar/studio class, we will examine the role of photography in documenting environmental crisis since photography was invented, in the mid 1840's. We will photograph regularly in the quarry and examine the landscape in detail while we learn about the work of landscape photographic activists.

Students will be expected to complete readings, view films, develop and present a research project and create their own photographic portfolio based in the genre of, landscape photography. Students do not need any previous experience to take the 200 level course. Students should only take the 300 level course if they have already had Digital Photography @ the 200 level. Students will need a digital camera such as a DSLR camera and a laptop with image editing software (preferably, Lightroom with 16GB of Ram). Some cameras are available for check out. Please let Professor O'Dell know if you need one.

Cynthia O'Dell

398EB: AdvStudio:Landscape Photography

Dan Solberg

398GA: AdvStudio:Digital Art

Spring Semester information

Cynthia O'Dell

398EA: Documentary Photography: The Ethics of Representation