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BIO 290


Selected topics in Biology. May or may not include a laboratory, depending on the subject. Prerequisite: one year of biology or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
One year of biology or permission of instructor 1/2-1 course

Spring Semester information

Dana Dudle

290A: Tps:Biology of Sex and Gender

This course will explore the diversity and complexity of sex and gender in the natural world (plants, humans, and other animals). We will read, write, and think about literature from the biological and social sciences that considers such topics as sex determination, sexual dimorphism, hormones and brains, sexual development and function throughout the life cycle, and the social performance of gender.

The course can count toward a Biology major or minor, or toward a major or minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Prerequisites: one class in Biology (or permission of instructor), and an open mind.

Fall Semester information

Bruce Serlin

290A: Tps:Nutrigenomics: Genes & Food

Nutrigenomics is a dynamically evolving field of research focusing on diet-gene interaction. Specifically, this field focuses on effects of diet has on gene expression. We are learning that there are substances in our food besides proteins, fats, and carbohydrates influencing both your health/disease states and your mental attitude. It is also beginning to provide insights, for example, into why two individuals can eat the same foods and one person gains weight while the other does not. We are coming to appreciate that there is a two-way street in that one's genes also influence which foods are preferred. We will look at some of these interactions, the roles of functional foods, influence of diet on the health of subsequent generations, and thoughts behind why certain diets are being encouraged over others. The aim is to cover a group of inter-related topics designed to make you a more informed consumer of foods and toward this end, the laboratories offer the opportunity to cook and eat an array of foods.


290B: Tps:Insect Ecology