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Biology faculty have a wide variety of research interests and work side-by-side with students in the field or lab. Click on the name of faculty to learn more about their research activities and student research opportunities.


Name Area Topics
Philips Akinwole Microbiology, Microbial Ecology
Biogeography of microbial communities, bacterial resistance to antibiotics, impact of wastewater effluents on the microbial community, cyanogenesis in White Clover.
Lynn Bedard Molecular Biology
Role of Elongtion Factors in RNA transcription, microbial diversity.
James Benedix Behavioral Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology
 Ecological field research.
Dana Dudle Plant Evolutionary Ecology, Evolution and ecology of flowering plants, especially pollination, pigments, and responses to stress.
Rose Keith Evolutionary Genetics  Evolutionary genetics of plant chemical defenses and other complex traits, responses of populations to natural selection.
Kevin Kinney Physiology, Immunology,
 Nervous System - Immune interactions, particularly in reptiles and amphibians.
Sarah Mordan-McCombs  Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Oxidative Stress in S. cerevisiae.
Novel Compounds for Treatment of Breast and Prostate Cancer.
Henning Schneider Neurobiology, Molecular Neurobiology, Physiology Mechanisms of nicotine-dependence; Neurogenetics and genomics of nicotine-seeking behavior in zebrafish.
Janet Vaglia Developmental, Evolutionary Development Animal development, Evolution of Developmental pattering and Environmental Influences.