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BIO 390


Selected topics in biology are offered. Prerequisite: one year of biology or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
One year of biology or permission of instructor 1/2-1 course

Spring Semester information

Lynn Bedard

390A: Tps:Microbial Behavior

Tps:Microbial Behavior

Students should think of this class as a series of conversations that you would experience at a meeting of a professional society. When biologists attend conferences and meetings, they present talks or posters, present concepts and data, critically listen, ask questions, and engage in discussions. These conversations are an essential element of scientific work, since they provide feedback on work in progress and, thus, improve the quality of scientific research. The critical dialog that we will engage in will be a matter of drawing on what we know, so that we can learn what we don't know, which will lead us to a better understanding of the subject. We will be covering 6 major areas of research in microbial behavior this semester. We will be spending approximately 2 weeks per topic. During the first week of each module, we will read and discuss review papers that cover the module topic in broad strokes. During the next week, student teams will present primary research papers that dig deeper into the topic of the module. Topics include chemotaxis, sporulation, quorum sensing, the bacterial immune system, toxins and biofilm formation.