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CHEM 197

First-year Seminar: Green Chemistry

A seminar focused on a theme related to the study of chemistry. Open only to first-year students. May not be taken pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course, class and lab

Fall Semester information

Jeffrey Hansen

197B: FYS: Food and Chemistry

Food is an essential part of life. Besides needing to eat to live, we also use food in many other ways. Food can provide pleasure; it can bring people together; it can separate us from each other. This course will focus on food. Our primary goal will be to understand food and cooking from a scientific perspective so this course is first and foremost a course about the chemistry of cooking; it is a chemistry course. However, along the way we will think, talk, and write about food from several perspectives including, of course, the chemical perspective, but also its nutritional, historical, anthropological, ecological, and social importance. Of course food and cooking has a very practical side to it. One reason to understand the chemistry involved in cooking is to improve our abilities in the kitchen. We may take some time during the semester to explore this practical side a little. However, this course is tied to an on-campus Winter Term course which will serve as our 'laboratory' to apply what we learn during the semester to actual meal preparation. Enrolling in this First Year Seminar will give you priority registration in the associated Winter Term course, which you are strongly encouraged to take.

Hilary Eppley

197C: FYS: Materials of Art: The Science of Making Things Beautiful

Have you ever wondered how our eyes perceive color or where the color comes from in our paints and dyes? What happens at the molecular level when paint dries? Where does the color come from when you develop a photograph or fire a pot in a kiln? How can we tell the difference between a fake painting from a real one? How do we preserve fragile works of art as they are damaged by time or improper treatment? This course will examine both the history and science of art materials through a variety of sources, some containing quite a bit of science and some aimed at audiences of artists or historians. We will also apply what we learn in a weekly hands-on laboratory/studio session.

Fall Semester information

Bridget Gourley

197A: FYS:Portable Power: The Science & Some Implications of the Technological Revolution Sparked by the Battery