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Student-Created Museum Exhibit Celebrates 175 Years of DePauw History

February 8, 2012

"In many ways, it's a story about how DePauw and the community interact," DePauw University senior Sam Spahn says of a new exhibit at the Putnam County Museum, which marks DePauw's 175th anniversary. "I think many people don't realize what a rich history DePauw has had -- from the early years with its strong church-related roots, through periods of student revolt against the administration, to the modern university it has become -- and how its history has shaped the university we know today." (photo: Spahn and museum director Tanis Monday with the replica of the Columbian Boulder)

An article in today's Banner-Graphic previews next week's (Thursday, February 16) opening of the exhibit, which "includes a timeline of student life and campus changes over the course of the university's 175-year history. It also features a replica of The Boulder, a longtime campus landmark; the University's first newspaper, artifacts from the original EAST COLLEGE3a HDR2campus building (known as The Edifice, and later, West College), old senior cords, stories of legendary DePauw students and professors and much more."

The newspaper says Spahn "spearheaded" creation of the displays, with assistance from fellow DePauw students Carolyn Latta, Will Calderwood, Annie Wake, Leah Freestone and Luke Bretscher. "In many ways, it's a story about how DePauw and the community interact," notes Sam Spahn, a DePauw senior from McCordsville who spearheaded the exhibit's development.

According to the newspaper, "Spahn used some of his research for the exhibit in his senior history thesis on the lifting of DePauw's ban on social dancing in the 1920s. Prior to that, the DSC 0297university's strong affiliation with the Methodist Church prohibited dancing and, officially at least, drinking on campus. The exhibit ends with artist renderings showing future plans for DePauw's campus as articulated by President Brian Casey."

Access the complete story at the Banner-Graphic's website.

DePauw's 175th anniversary celebration began January 10 and continues for eighteen months.  Learn more about the many events planned by clicking here.