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Diversity and Equity Committee (DEC)

In matters regarding diversity, inclusiveness, and equity, the Diversity and Equity Committee advises the Administration and the faculty on policy; presents educational sessions for all employees; identifies issues regarding diversity and equity in campus life and refers them to the appropriate University office and/or committee(s) for action; and annually reviews and assesses aspects of the University's efforts to attract and retain a diverse campus community. - Taken from the Academic Handbook.

Committee Members 2014-15
Faculty members: selected by COF for three-year terms.
Full-time Faculty Members  
Mac Dixon-Fyle (Spring replacement: Alicia Suarez) 16
Caroline Jetton (Chair) 15
David Crouse 17
Naima Shifa 17
Part-time Faculty Member Veronica Pejril 16
Administrative Members: The two appointees of the President serve three-year terms. Brian Casey (President)
Christopher Wells (Vice-President for Student Life)
Amy Haag (Director of Human Resources)
Craig Slaughter (term ends spring 2016)
Vince Greer (Representative from Multicultural Affairs)
Kate Smanik (term ends 2017) 
Hourly Staff: Two-year terms; appointed by Hourly Support Staffing Committee Brian Miller (term ends spring 2016)
Vacant (term ends June 2015)
Student Members: Two appointed by Student Congress Michael Chavez
Lexy Burton