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Faculty Governance

Faculty governance operates under the Charter and By-Laws of the University.  These documents delineate the roles and relationships between the faculty, the university President and the Board of Trustees.

Additionally, the faculty operate under the Academic Handbook.  The current official version, without active links, is available as a .pdf file here: Academic Handbook.  For linkable access, the online version of the Handbook is available here. The online version may, from time to time, be slightly out of date.  

All faculty members are encouraged to attend the Faculty Meetings which are usually scheduled for the first Monday of the month (except for September and April, when the first Monday is the first day after spring break). For more details please check the schedule below. If you would like more information about a group's meetings please check the minutes for the corresponding group.

Faculty Meeting Schedule 2018-2019

September 17th 4:00 Union Building Ballroom
October 1st 4:00 Thompson Recital Hall
November 5th 4:00 Union Building Ballroom
December 3th 4:00 Union Building Ballroom
February 4th 4:00 Union Building Ballroom
March 4th 4:00 Union Building Ballroom
April 8th 4:00 Union Building Ballroom
May 6th 4:00 Union Building Ballroom

Department Chair and Program Director Meetings 2018-19

August 30

 February 14

 September 13

March 14

 October 11

April 11

 November 8

 May 9

 December 13


Faculty Open Meetings 2018-19

 Meetings to discuss a single topic related to the faculty

Meetings held at 4 pm 

 September 27 :

Student Opinion Surveys

February 28:

Discussion of Faculty Service(Community Contribution)

 October 25:

Library Budget and Collection Issues

 March 21

Forum for Feedback on Revised Demonstration Policy Proposal

Olin Auditorium

November 29

 Institutional Shared Governance

April 25




Agenda for May 7, 2018

Minutes for April 9, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty Meetings
Some Motions Commonly Used at Faculty Meetings
Guidelines for Giving Reports and Making Announcements at Faculty Meetings