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Committees and Contacts 2019-20

Committee Roster 2019-20 (as of 6 September)

Visual representations of the governance structure

COre faculty COMMITTEES:

University-wide COMMITTEES:

Standing Appointed COMMITTEES:

  • Academic Standing/Petitions - no committee documents
  • Athletic Board - no committee documents
  • Course and Calendar Oversight Committee
  • Student Publications - no committee documents
  • Writing Curriculum Committee - no committee documents

COMMITTEES appointed as needed:

  • Admissions and Enrollment Management - no committee documents
  • Advising 
  • Arts Advisory - no committee documents
  • Hartman Center - no committee documents
  • Library and Academic Technology
  • Nature Park - no committee documents
  • Teacher Education Admissions - no committee documents


  • Chair of The Faculty - Howard Brooks (2020).  The Chair of the Faculty shall preside at all meetings of the faculty. The Chair, aided by the assistant, shall have responsibility for the minutes of faculty meeting tabulation of ballots in any faculty election, and, in cooperation with the office of Academic Affairs, shall be responsible for the Academic Handbook.  The Chair shall insure that every faculty member shall have a copy (or access to electronic editions) of all revisions, amendments and new editions of the Academic Handbook. The Chair must be tenured.
  • Parliamentarian - Vacant (2019). The Parliamentarian shall advise the Chair on rules of procedure in the faculty meeting and shall have final authority to resolve disputes regarding those rules.
  • GLCA Academic Council Representatives (2) - Dave Guinee (2020) and Scott Spiegelberg (2019).  Attends the GLCA Academic Council Meeting as the faculty representatives.  Meeting usually happens mid-fall semester.  Should be a current or recent member of Curricular Policy and Planning or our previous Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP).


Personnel Process Conflict of Interest Contact: Vice President of Academic Affairs (Anne Harris). If the Vice President for Academic Affairs is a party to the conflict of interest, then the most recent past chair of the Faculty Personnel Policy and Review committee who is not currently serving on Faculty Personnel Policy and Review committee and not on leave shall substitute for the roles designated in this policy for the Vice President. For 2017-2018 this substitute is Meryl Altman.

Institution Review Board (IRB): Bill Tobin
Institution Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC): Bill Tobin