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Faculty Development

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--Committee meets every Tuesday at 4:00 pm--

Committee Members 2015-16

The committee shall plan and execute faculty development programs within the University and will coordinate institutional programs with faculty development programs of outside agencies.  The committee will consult with Faculty Personnel Policy and Review recommendations to the faculty concerning the institution and implementation of these policies and details.  This committee shall make recommendations to the President of the University concerning the granting of institutional research and development resources, leaves of absence, and selection of institutional nominees for grants or awards given by outside agencies.  Policies and procedures of internal funding programs are outlined in detail on the Academic Affairs website.  Faculty Personnel Policy and Review and Faculty Development must work in concert so that the implications of personnel expectations receive faculty development support and so that major resources provided to a faculty member through faculty development opportunities are able to be included in personnel reviews.

Position description
Representative (end of term)
Faculty member who considers the Arts their curricular home Susan Anthony (2017)
Faculty member who considers the Humanities their curricular home Maria Luque (2016)
 Faculty member who considers the Mathematical, Computational or Natural Sciences their curricular home Jim Mills (2017)
 Faculty member who considers the Social Sciences their curricular home Kevin Howley (2016)
Fifth faculty member Marnie McInnes (2016)

Ex officio (without vote) Dean of Faculty or representative (Carrie Klaus), Faculty Development Coordinator (Jeff Kenney).

Review of Faculty Development Programs August 13, 2012