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Faculty Development

Faculty Development at DePauw University is a systematic, comprehensive, well-resourced effort to help us all do our best work, to learn and grow as individuals and as an intellectual and teaching community.

Our programs include short and long-term internal funding for conferences and research travel; stipends for course development and for scholarly and creative projects; sabbaticals and other leaves; and opportunities for a reduced teaching load to undertake research or teaching improvement. We see particular value in collaborative and/or interdisciplinary projects, in faculty research that involves students, in creative work as well as more traditional scholarship. A signature feature of our program is the John and Janice Fisher Fund, which enables the Faculty Development Program to support the scholarly, artistic, and curricular interests and development of faculty members and to recognize outstanding achievement on the part of colleagues. A major part of the Fisher Fund is the sabbatical supplement program. The fund also supports community activities such as Faculty Forums.

DePauw’s Faculty Development Committee (FDC) embraces the role of faculty development in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic community. We recognize that to maintain professional competence as educators in our liberal arts environment, DePauw faculty members must continually deepen their understanding of the complex problems around race and racism and must engage with anti-racist practices, particularly in the classroom. This work may also involve other aspects of identity and systemic inequity with regard to their intersectionality with race. Thus, in accordance with DePauw’s mission, vision, and values, beginning in Fall 2021, applicants for competitive FDC funding must demonstrate their efforts to engage with anti-racism.

Find out more about the addition to application to guidelines here. FAQs regarding the addition to application guidelines can be found here.

Last Updated: 9/21/2022