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Public Safety Staff

Dedicated Professional Service

The Public Safety Office is professionally staffed with sworn police officers. In addition to the Public Safety police officers, the Nature Park Rangers are also sworn police officers and provide safety and security at the Nature Park location. All police officers are graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and are empowered with full police authority pursuant to Indiana Code 21-17-5. Officers are authorized to make arrests and are charged with enforcing federal and state laws, as well as University rules and regulations.

Police Officers

Angela Nally, Director

Charlene Shrewsbury, Assistant Director

Rick Keller, Lieutenant

Mike Moore, Officer

Matthew Demmings, Officer

Brad Williams, Officer

Caleb Singleton, Officer

Tim Walker, Officer

Communications Center

Laura Brennan, Communications Center Coordinator

Dee White, Dispatcher/Operator

Debbie Stultz, Dispatcher/Operator

Linda Williamson, Dispatcher/Operator

Tammie Gardner, Dispatcher/Operator

Kelli Stevens, Dispatcher/Operator

Lacey Helmer, Dispatcher/Operator

Security Officers

Jeff Mace, Event Security

Antoine Stewart, Event Security

Nature Park Ranger

Doug Cox, Ranger

Interacting with a DePauw Public Safety Officer

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