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Parking Services


Visitors to campus may park in any University Parking Lot or in spaces designated along streets that run through campus.  Visitors must call DePauw Police Department at 765-658-5555 to provide their vehicle information while on campus. There is no fee for a Visitor Parking Permit.

In the event that a visitor receives a parking violation while visiting campus, the visitor should call the DePauw Police Department at 765-658-5555.  Please note that it is difficult for a parking enforcement officer to determine if a vehicle is a visitor unless they have communicated their presence on campus and vehicle information is on file.

DePauw Community

DePauw is an ideal pedestrian campus,  therefore it is not necessary to bring a vehicle to travel the campus.  Those choosing to drive a vehicle to campus must register their vehicle with the DePauw Police Department via e-Services, this includes Faculty, Staff, and Students.  Parking spaces on campus are designated for use and it is the individual responsibility of the driver/owner to be aware of parking regulations.