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DePauw Public Safety

Services offered to keep our campus community

The DePauw Police Department provides these services to aid in the security of our community members and their property, including a Communication Center, University Switchboard, Safety Escorts, Lost and Found and Building Security.  If you have a question regarding any of the provided services, please call our office at 765-658-5555.


Our Communication Center is a 24 hour operation that consists of both our police dispatch operation and an information relay center for other offices on campus.

The Communication Center not only receives campus calls but an additional function of the Communication Center is to relay information to the after-hours on call staff member for other campus departments.

Once the Communication Center receives a request or call, a dispatcher will work to facilitate a call to the appropriate staff person. The following departments may be reached by calling the Communication Center after hours at 765-658-5555 or ext. 5555 from any campus phone.

  • Facilities Management (including the need for EMERGENCY facilities repairs)

  • Housing and Residence Life (Residence Life Coordinator, Resident Assistant)

  • S.A.N.E. (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)

  • S.A.S.A. (Sexual Assault Survivor's Advocate)


The main line to the University, 765-658-4800, is answered by our professional Operators. The switchboard operator is responsible for directing calls on campus to the various campus departments in conjunction with their other communication center duties.


Students always have the option to call our office for a Safe Escort. Students may contact the department by utilizing one of the 42 emergency/convenience phones located throughout campus, by dialing (765) 658-5555, or stopping by the office located in the lower level of 101 E. Seminary St. A Police Officer or Security Officer will meet and escort you from one location on campus to another. The escort may be either on foot or in a police vehicle.


The DePauw University Safe Ride Program was created to offer a secure mode of transportation on campus after dark. The staff are trained to observe the safety of passengers, including identifying signs of excessive intoxication or other illnesses. If a rider exhibits any of these signs, DePauw Police Officers will be called to check on the person's condition and seek medical care if required. DePauw Police Officers will determine the best course of action based on the situation.

The Safe Ride van operates from 9:00 pm until 2:00 am every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (subject to driver/weather availability) and can be reached by calling (765) 658-5961. Safe Ride picks up passengers at designated stops located at various points on campus, as listed below:

• Stop 1: Indiana St. at Hill Street behind Roy O' West Library
• Stop 2: Blackstock lot at the Hanna Street entrance
• Stop 3: Olive Street between Jordan Hall and Bishop Roberts Hall
• Stop 4: Locust Street at Lucy Hall
• Stop 5: Rector Village lot directly behind Reese Hall
• Stop 6: Entrance to Bloomington Street Hall on Anderson Street
• Stop 7: Spring and Seminary near the AAAS house
• Stop 8: Vine and Seminary Street in front of the DePauw Police Department
• 3G Bowling Alley upon request (the last pick up for this location is 1:30 am)

The Safe Ride Driver requests that you inform them immediately if you become ill to allow them time to take the appropriate action. We also ask that you keep all drink containers closed while in the van. Please note that alcohol is not allowed at any time. If a rider is found in possession of alcohol, they will be asked to dispose of the item or not be allowed to ride the van.


The University Facilities Management staff maintains University buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. Inspection of campus facilities and lighting systems are routinely conducted in an effort to identify and reconcile problems and hazards. DePauw Police and Office of Public Safety assist with problem identification while making regular security checks of academic and administrative buildings, including campus residence halls.

Facilities Management personnel are also responsible for locking and unlocking most of the academic and administration facilities on campus at designated times. With the exception of residence halls, most university facilities are open to the public when classes are in session. During the times that the university is officially closed, buildings are locked and only faculty, staff and authorized students with proper identification are admitted. Residence halls are locked 24 hours each day.

DePauw Police Officers patrol the perimeters and common areas with special emphasis during evening and nighttime hours. Housing and Residence Life, Information Services and DePauw Police Department maintain electronic access/key control procedures. Access for non-residents is on an as needed basis. The DePauw Police Department is committed to working closely with Campus Living and Community Development staff in addressing safety and security issues within the residence halls.

Bicycle permit registration

DePauw Police Department also offers a Bicycle Permit Registration Program. There is no cost for a bicycle permit and all bicycles on campus must be registered.  Bicycles that are registered are more likely to be recovered and returned to their owners if they are stolen, with a few simple suggestions, we hope to make your biking experience safe and enjoyable while helping you avoid becoming a victim of theft. 

To register, please email police@depauw.edu to schedule an appointment. At the appointed time, please bring your state issued identification, DePauw issued identification, make, model, color, serial number of the bike, bike speed, wheel size, any unique features of the bike or distinguishing marks, you may also bring your bike and we can assist in obtaining the necessary information. Photos of the bike should also be emailed to police@depauw.edu referencing the assigned bicycle permit number.


The DePauw Police Department also offers assistance to the campus community by conducting fingerprint service for any of your legal documents that need processed.  An Officer will be available Sundays from 5 - 7 p.m., Tuesdays from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. and Thursdays from 1 - 3 p.m. Please note, if the Officer is responding to an emergency call for service during this time, a wait for this service could result. Please bring your associated paperwork and fingerprint card with you when requesting fingerprints, for those that do not have a fingerprint card our office has blank general applicant cards available.


The DePauw Police Department and Office of Public Safety serve as the central "Lost and Found" for the campus community. Found items should be brought to the Police Department as soon as possible, our office is located in the lower level of 101 E. Seminary St. Please note any item that is deemed unsanitary will be discarded (ex. water bottles/mugs without names). You can inquire about or report lost items by visiting our office, by phone at (765) 658-5555 or by e-mailing police@depauw.edu. The office can be reached 24 hours a day.

Please remember to be as precise as possible in your description of the missing item, as well as to provide contact information, as any information about an item, that is not in our inventory, will be kept on file in an effort to reunite the owner with their property if found.