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DePauw Police Department


101 E. Seminary Street, lower level



The mission of the DePauw Police Department is to provide for the overall safety and security of the university and its properties. Our goal is to maintain an environment that promotes academic excellence to its fullest potential.

Our staff is committed to maintaining an environment which is conducive to an effective and positive learning experience for all members of the DePauw community. Through programs of information, education and proactive measures of police and security interaction, we endeavor to ensure that your experience at DePauw University will be as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

DePauw Police operates 24 hours each day throughout the year. We strongly urge prompt reporting of all criminal and suspicious activity by contacting 658-5555 or by dialing 911.

Upon notification of an incident, an officer will be sent to your location. All complaints will be investigated and prompt resolution of reported problems will be sought. 

DePauw Police Department maintains a collaborative relationship with all local law enforcement agencies ensuring the most effective law enforcement services. Local agencies share reports involving students off campus and contribute to the Annual Report and disclosure of crime statistics.

Greencastle City Police, Putnam County Sheriff Office, Indiana State Police and Federal Agencies all have jurisdiction on the University Campus. Aid from these agencies is available as necessary to assist the DePauw Police Department. Officers from the DePauw Police Department may assist Greencastle Police as requested in Officer safety situations or within the perimeters of the defined jurisdiction.

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@100kindsofblake This post has been reported to the police. The subject that you identify in this video is not Ms. Hutchison and therefore can be construed as "Slander". I will pursue charges against you if this not taken down. Capt. R Keller

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