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Active Shooter Response

What you should do in an Active Shooter situation.

Active shooter events evolve quickly and the suspect(s) are killing or attempting to kill people in populated areas. Chances you will find yourself in an active shooter situation are slim, but you should think about it and be prepared. The three options you have if you are involved in an Active Shooter are as follows:


  1. Run

    If a safe path is available, run. Always try and escape or evacuate even if others insist on staying.  Encourage others to leave with you but don't let the indecision of others slow down your own effort to escape. Once you are out of the line of fire, try to prevent others from walking into the danger zone and call 9-1-1

  2. Hide
    If you can't get out safely, find a place to hide. When hiding, turn out lights, remember to lock doors and silence your ringer and vibration mode on your cell phone.

  3. Fight
    As a last resort, working together or alone, act with aggression, use improvised weapons to disarm the shooter. Commit to taking the shooter down..

Informaton to give the 9-1-1 dispatcher when calling

  • 911 calls from your cell phone will go to the Putnam County Emergency Operations Center so be sure to tell them you are on the campus of DePauw University.
  • 911 calls from campus phones go directly to the DePauw Police dispatch office. 
  • Be specific about the incidents location.  (e.g., “There is an active shooter on the campus of DePauw University, first floor of the Green Center for Performing Arts.”)
  • Provide a specific description of the shooter(s), including clothing and weapons.

What to expect when police arrive

  • Remain calm and show your hands to arriving police officers.
  • Follow officers instructions and keep moving, do not slow them down. Advise them where the suspect(s) may be in the building.
  • If you have specific information and have made it out safely, call the police. Do not assume someone else has called.