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Apply for Housing

Information for incoming & current students regarding applying for housing

Our residential experience is progressive by class year with different types of living communities that complement students' in-class learning. Immersion within these inclusive communities enhances each student's intellectual exploration and personal development, linking liberal arts education with life's work.

Incoming Students

All first-year students live in residence halls with students from diverse backgrounds.  Students become accustomed to a new community, exploring their personal interests, adapting to teaching methods at the collegiate level, and learning from each others in ways most have not experienced before.  Students learn together, in a community setting, while living at school.  Through their first-year experience students learn to cope with the transition to college and grow into an independent adult.

Using DePauw’s Residence Website

Congratulations on choosing DePauw and welcome!  You’ll be using our Residence website to complete your request for housing for your first-year at DePauw.  You have been sent instructions on how to access the Residence website.  Please be sure to allow 24 hours to pass once you set up your account in e-services for that information to be transferred to residence. If you are trying to log into residence and are getting an error message, try the following:

  • Make sure you have allowed at least 24 hours from the time you setup your e-services account
  • Be sure you are choosing the "resident" log-in instead of the "staff" log-in
  • Make sure you are using your full DePauw e-mail address, including the portion

When you log in, you’ll see your home screen.  On the home screen, you’ll find a link to your housing application and preferences.  You’ll also find:

  • Your Residence passcode – this is in the upper right corner of your home screen and is used to request a roommate.  If you find someone you want to live with, you will enter their passcode on the application and they will enter yours.
  • The Roommate Matching tab – Once you submit your application, you’ll be able to use this feature to find other students with similar needs and ways of using your room.  Simply check the items that are important to you and submit them.  Residence will return roommate matching profiles of students who matched your search.  You’ll be able to view their roommate matching profiles and contact them to start a dialogue about whether you’d make good roommates.  If you find someone you want to room with, there is a tab on the Roommate Matching page labeled "group".  Select this and you'll see the place to enter your roommate's passcode.
  • The Documents tab – We will be posting documents on the documents tab that contain information about living in our residence halls and some of the exciting special options for housing for incoming students.  Be sure to check the documents tab each time you log into Residence.

We’ve found this system to be very user friendly but if you have any trouble, please contact and we’ll work with you to address your questions.

Our housing placement process overview for incoming students

  • Incoming students admitted to DePauw University will receive information in their admission packet regarding selecting residential communities.  This packet will be sent from the Admission office sometime during the week of May 12, 2014.  If you haven't received that information by May 19, please contact the Office of Admission
  • Students are asked questions regarding community and asked to rank their preferences online
    • Building types: large traditional, small or suite-style
    • Room types: Triple, double or single occupancy rooms
    • Floor types: Co-ed or single gender
  • Students are asked questions about them and what they are looking for in a roommate
    • Students are asked to describe themselves and how they envision their room environment as well as what they are looking for in a roommate
    • Students who know someone coming to DePauw can indicate an individual they would like to live with; however, this must be mutual in order to confirm placement with one another
  • Students are matched and placed based on their preferences
  • Students are placed after all applications have been received and notified over the summer that their housing assignment is available to view online

Returning/Upperclass Students

The returning/upperclass housing placement process for Fall 2014 has been completed.  If you need University housing for the Fall, please e-mail  Housing information for Spring 2014 will be listed here in early October, 2014.