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Apply for Housing

Information for incoming & current students regarding applying for housing

Our residential experience is progressive by class year with different types of living communities that complement students' in-class learning. Immersion within these inclusive communities enhances each student's intellectual exploration and personal development, linking liberal arts education with life's work.

Incoming Students

All first-year students live in residence halls with students from diverse backgrounds.  Students become accustomed to a new community, exploring their personal interests, adapting to teaching methods at the collegiate level, and learning from each others in ways most have not experienced before.  Students learn together, in a community setting, while living at school.  Through their first-year experience students learn to cope with the transition to college and grow into an independent adult.

Our housing placement process overview for incoming students

  • Incoming students admitted to DePauw University will receive information in their admission packet regarding selecting residential communities 
  • Students are asked questions regarding community and asked to rank their preferences online through e-Services
    • Building types: large traditional, small or suite-style
    • Room types: Triple, double or single occupancy rooms
    • Floor types: Co-ed or single gender
  • Students are asked questions about them and what they are looking for in a roommate
    • Students are asked to describe themselves and how they envision their room environment as well as what they are looking for in a roommate
    • Students who know someone coming to DePauw can indicate an individual they would like to live with; however, this must be mutual in order to confirm placement with one another
  • Students are matched and placed based on their preferences
  • Students are placed after all applications have been received and notified over the summer that their housing assignment is available to view on e-Services

Returning/Upperclass Students

The Upperclass Housing Selection Process is drawing near.  This year, we’ll be using Residence, our new software program to run this process.  We think you’ll find that the process will run more smoothly and be easier for students.

Beginning on February 25, 2014 at noon, we will open what is called the “opt-in process” for the three different selection processes we will be running:  (1) Houses, Apartments and Rector Village, (2) Substance-Free Upperclass Halls, and (3) Upperclass Halls. Residence allows us to simply make these processes available to students without requiring you to fill out an application.  Only students who are currently enrolled at DePauw are eligible for this process and students who have applied to study abroad in the Fall are not eligible for these processes.  In addition, these processes are only for those students who intend to live in University-owned housing in the Fall.  Students who plan on living in their Greek Chapter houses in the Fall should not participate in this process.  Once you have been placed in housing, there is a $250 contract breakage fee if you choose not to live in University-owned housing.

When you log into Residence, you will see the process(es) for which you are eligible.  You’ll be able to opt-in to any of these processes and then will be asked to form groups, although you are not required to do so.  Forming a group is easy.  Simply talk to your friends and form an even numbered group from 2 to 10 students. Once you’ve done this, you’ll designate someone in the group to be the leader and this person can take your individual passcodes from Residence and build the group in the system.

You can log into Residence any time and see if you’ve been added into a group.  Students are free to opt out of a group or selection process until the opt-in period ends on March 11, 2014 at 4 p.m.  Any time a student is added to or dropped from a group, a system message goes out to the members of the group.

Once the opt-in period closes, we’ll begin with Houses, Apartments, and Rector Village selection.  CLCD staff will assign selection times to groups.  Selection times will be offered in descending order of group size from largest to smallest.  Within group sizes, priority will be assigned to those groups with the greatest number of seniors.  When the seniority among groups is equal, selection times will be randomly assigned.  Students will choose housing in 15 minute increments.  The group leader will be designated to choose on behalf of the group and they will only be able to choose from units that accommodate the size of their group.  Groups can change leaders at any time by having the current leader designate another group member.  Smaller groups will be able to move up to larger units if they are available.  Odd numbered groups will be given selection times after the larger full groups have selected.  For example, a three person group will get a selection time after all the four person groups have selected, regardless of group seniority.

Once the Houses, Apartments, and Rector Village process is complete, we’ll move to Substance-Free Upperclass Halls.  When that process is complete, we’ll go on to General Upperclass Halls. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to offer students in the residence hall selection processes the chance to select their own rooms but we’re still exploring whether the new software program will allow us to do that.  We’re excited about the possibilities of this new program but we may still have to place students in the Upperclass Residence Halls.

Selection times will be as follows:

Houses, Apartments, and Rector Village

March 13, 14, 17, and 18 from 2 until 9 p.m. in 15 minute increments

Substance-Free Upperclass Halls

If we are able to have students select their own rooms, the dates for Substance-Free Upperclass Hall selection will be March 17-20. We’ll communicate several days in advance when the selection times will be.

Upperclass Halls

If we are able to have students select their own rooms, the dates for Upperclass Hall selection will be March 31 – April 4 and April 7-8. We’ll communicate several days in advance when the selection times will be.

Other Helpful Resources

Upperclass Housing Placement Timeline

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Student Organization Housing (SOH) Application Process

Student Organization Housing Applications are now available. Applications are due February 19, 2014 by 4:30 p.m.

Student organizations are eligible for group housing if they meet identified criteria including the presence of a functioning governance structure, the involvement of a faculty or staff advisor, and a commitment to the DePauw community. Student organization housing is available for our NPHC, MGC and local Greek Organizations as well. Student organization housing is not available to members of chapters with existing chapter houses on campus although students in these organizations are free to apply as a group through the Upperclass Housing Application Process.

Student Organization Housing Application