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Housing Options and Application

By living on campus, DePauw students engage in diverse communities that foster learning with & from others

Our residential experience is progressive by class year with different types of living communities that complement students' in-class learning. Immersion within these inclusive communities enhances each student's intellectual exploration and personal development, linking liberal arts education with life's work. Students have the choice of increasing their level of autonomy and responsibility as they move through their DePauw career.  Rather than focusing on where you live, our housing places an emphasis on who you live with and how you learn together.

In addition to our living options, we have opportunities available for students who wish to live in the following communities: 


Substance free living is a unique environment in which all residents, upperclass and first-year alike, agree to lead a substance-free lifestyle in their hall, suite or apartment. Students in these communities agree to the same lifestyle. This means that residents refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs in their living unit. However, “substance free living” means different things to different people. For some residents, this entails completely abstaining from the use of these substances, and for others, it means not using them in the living unit. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each resident to determine what exactly this means to them (with the minimum expectation that they will be substance free in their hall, suite or apartment), and to communicate their beliefs and standards to other residents while respecting the choices that other residents may make about the use of such substances outside of the living unit. FYRAs and CRAs will work with students in substance-free communities to define community expectations at the beginning of the year. 


An intentional community to allow lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and their advocates to find connections and live in a respectful space. Restrooms will be gender inclusive. All residents and their guests will be expected to be respectful and sensitive to all identities within the LGBTQA community.