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Sophomore Communities

Upperclass Residence Halls & Greek Chapter Facilities

The sophomore year affords students the opportunity for engagement in a specific residential community of their choosing, either an upper class residence hall or Greek living unit, that enhances their opportunities and involvement within the DePauw campus. The sophomore year can be a challenge in terms of workload, finding a direction and involvement in many campus activities; in particular, DePauw sophomores are increasingly finding themselves pulled in multiple directions. Students’ residential community aides them as they actively engage in academic and co-curricular opportunities through programmatic and peer support.

Housing Options for Sophomore Students

Sophomores have different housing options that reflect their progression through their involvement on campus as well as their growing independence. Students who participate in our fraternity and sorority community have the option - based on their individual organization - to live in their chapter facility. Additionally, sophomores are eligible to live in University housing. Students can select to live with or near their friends through our housing application process.

To learn about upperclass residence halls or information about living in fraternity/sorority housing, please refer to the links at the left.

Additional Links & Resources

To learn more about the Community Resource Assistants for the upperclass residence halls, please visit the Meet the Staff page.

Sophomore Communities at DePauw University