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Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT)

What does BIRT do?

We assist the individual/group who reported the bias incident. Our primary focus is to support the DePauw community member who reported the bias incident. We do this by meeting with (if the persons choose to) and ensuring the affected individual(s) and others have access to appropriate support and resources. As required by law and University Policy there are situations where the BIRT team will also refer the report to another office to address through their policies and processes.

Reports of possible criminal conduct will be referred to DePauw Police. Potential Title IX violations will referred to Title IX staff. Conduct with could violate the Student Handbook will be referred to Community Standards. Possible violations of the Employee Handbook will be referred to the Office of Human Resources. Potential violations of the Academic Handbook will be referred to Academic Affairs.

We work with the appropriate University officials and other individuals, groups, or organizations. Through this collaboration we can determine if the reported act meets the definition of a “bias incident”.

How are bias incidents tracked? If determined that report is a bias incident, it is added to the log which you can find here. Review of the log and annual statistics inform future actions and programming.

As outlined above, the BIRT team exists to support individuals or groups reporting under this policy. The purpose of the process is to provide support to the target individuals or groups after an incident occurs.

Incidents of bias between DePauw employee's should reported to HR. BIRT only serves as resource for incidents involving students.

2020-2021 BIRT members

Division of Student Academic Life Representative (Chair)

Kevin Hamilton, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Housing and Residence Life

Vice President for Student Affairs

Alan Hill
Dean of Students

Division of Academic Affairs Representative

Bridget L. Gourley, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty and Percy L. Julian Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

DePauw Police Representative

Charlene Shrewsbury
Chief of DePauw Police Department

Women's Center Representative

Sarah Ryan
Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Women's Center

Spiritual Live Representative

Beth Newton Watson, M.Div., BCC
Chaplin At DePauw University