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Academic Policies

DePauw University's academic policies are designed to maintain standards of academic achievement, accountability, and fairness for both students and faculty members.

These are the policies that most commonly come into play concerning classroom instruction, advising, and other faculty-student interactions.  For the full list of academic policies, see the University Catalog the Student Handbook and the Academic Policies section of the Academic Handbook.

Academic Expectations

Students and faculty members share responsibilities of understanding expectations for learning, communicating clearly and in a timely fashion, and providing frank and constructive evaluations of academic performance. 

Attendance and Final Exam Policies

Regular attendance is expected of all students according to guidelines established by individual faculty members for classes, laboratories, exams or other appointments in which credit is given.  The following policies address class attendance, circumstances when other activities conflict, and final exams.

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity refers to the ethical standards and policies that govern how people work and interact in the academic enterprise at a college or university. Faculty members and students share responsibility for upholding principles of academic integrity, including understanding what plagiarism is, and learning how to avoid it.

Academic Difficulties

The following policies address a range of academic difficulties students may experience, ranging from a petition for an exception from an academic regulation to readmission to the university after academic suspension or withdrawal.