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Peer Tutoring and Consulting: Students Helping Students

DePauw provides peer tutoring and consulting services to help all students succeed and excel in their courses, as well as in their co-curricular and experiential pursuits. Each tutor is trained to help students develop the skills they need to become independent learners.

peer tutoring and consulting  services include:

  • Writing (Writing Center within The Learning Commons in Roy O. West Library)
    The DePauw Writing Center tutors  provide writing help to writers of all levels of ability.  As a DePauw student you can bring drafts of your written work for ANY class including but not limited to First Year Seminars, "W" Classes and Senior Seminars.  
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  • Speaking and Listening (S Center within The Learning Commons in Roy O. West Library)  
    By working with S consultants, students can get help preparing presentations, performances, developing discussion and interviewing skills, and preparing effective visuals.
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  • Quantitative Reasoning (Q Center within The Learning Commons in Roy O. West Library)
    Often students get to college and find that they need some extra help in classes that are based on problem solving and quantitative reasoning. The Q-Center is the place to get that assistance. Tutors are trained to help you develop good skills that will carry over into other areas of your education and life.
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  • STEM Guide Peer Tutoring (Julian 147)
    Trained students in science and mathematics will serve as peer tutors, T.A.s, or study group leaders for core math and science courses.  This program should benefit all students and the STEM Guides themselves. The STEM Guide program is part of the Growing Inclusive Excellence in STEM initiative funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence Grant  For more information, contact Professor Selma Poturovic.
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  • Internships, Careers and Off-campus Study (Hubbard Center, Union Building)
    The Hubbard Center Coquillette Peer Consultants (CPCs) help students develop and refine their resumes and cover letters.  They can begin to help students become aware of professional opportunities available through the Hubbard Center. They also can answer basic questions about Extended Studies and semester-long off-campus opportunities.  
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