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General Guidelines for Accommodation Documentation

To receive accommodations through Student Disability Services, you must first provide documentation establishing the presence of a substantially limiting condition and describing its current impact on your academic success. This information is essential to the process of identifying possible accommodations. A clinical diagnosis is not synonymous with a disability and may not be adequate to determine if reasonable accommodations can be determined.

General criteria for documentation includes the following:

  • The documentation must be prepared by a professional (unrelated to the student) who is licensed to practice within a field directly related to, and associated with, the student’s condition
  • Be printed on either official stationery and include printed name, contact information, and signature of the provider.
  • Include a clear statement of diagnosis identifying the disability and describe by what means the condition was diagnosed 

If the supporting documentation submitted is not adequate to validate the existence of a disability, The Director of Student Disability Services reserves the right to request updated assessments or additional evaluations.

Direct questions and concerns to Meggan Herrald Johnston Director of Student Disability Services; Student Disability Services; Memorial Student Union Building, Suite 200, 408 S. Locust Street, Greencastle, IN 46135; Phone: 765-658-6267; FAX: 765-658-4021; E-Mail: