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The Accommodation Process

The process of requesting accommodations begins with the student completing the Self –Disclosure Form. The Self –Disclosure Form needs to be completed by the student in his/her words, using the most comfortable mode of response for written expression (handwritten, typewritten or dictation software). 

The completed Self –Disclosure Form will remain confidential and should be submitted to  Student Disability Services via fax to 765-658-4021 or personally delivered. For security and privacy reasons, please do not attach your documentation to an email.

First Year Students desiring accommodations are encouraged to complete TheSelf -Disclosure Form and return it along with all necessary supporting documentation to Student Disability Services during the summer before arriving on campus in the fall. This will help speed up the accommodation process for the fall.

All supporting documentation should be submitted to Student Disability Services, along with The Self- Disclosure Form, as soon as possible.  Accommodations cannot be determined until The Self -Disclosure Form and Supporting Documentation have been received by Student Disability Services.

Accommodations will be determined after all required documentation has been received and reviewed by the Student Disability Services Director. Accommodations will be discussed and determined during a one- on -one confidential meeting between the student and The Director of Student Disability Services, typically after the student arrives on campus in the fall. 
If the documentation provided is not adequate to determine reasonable accommodations, The Director of Student Disability Services reserves the right to request updated assessments or additional evaluations.

ADA Accommodation letters are issued to the student at the conclusion of the initial meeting between the student and The Student Disability Services Director if it is mutually agreed that accommodations are needed and necessary. It is the student's responsibility to discuss this letter with his or her faculty member in order for accommodations to be put in place and should take place within one week of issuance. Accommodations are not retroactive.
Accommodations must be renewed each semester. 

Students must renew their accommodations each semester.