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The Accommodation Process

The process of requesting academic, dietary, housing, and temporary accommodation begins with the self–disclosure form and documentationThe self-disclosure form is completed by the student in their words and remains confidential. Accommodations cannot be determined until the self -disclosure form and documentation have been submitted. Students seeking accommodation are encouraged to complete the self-disclosure form and submit documentation before the semester begins. Doing so will ensure accommodations are determined in a timely manner. 

Step by step accommodation process:

1. Click here to complete your self-disclosure form. All supporting documentation must be submitted when completing the self-disclosure form.  

2. Upon successful completion of the self-disclosure and documentation, the student will receive a confirmation message that includes a link to schedule an intake appointment with the Director of Disability Services. The student is expected to use this link to make an appointment.

3. The student and the Director of Disability services will meet to review the documentation to determine reasonable accommodation. The Director may request additional information at this time.

4. Once reasonable accommodations are determined, a formal letter of accommodation will be released to the student with a copy to faculty and staff members on a need-to-know basis.

5. For academic accommodations, students will make an appointment with each faculty member to discuss the implementation of the accommodations.

Accommodations are not retroactive. Academic accommodations must be renewed each semester. Housing and dietary accommodations must be renewed annually.