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Eugene S. Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media

Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media

The Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media

Since its establishment in 1991, the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media has been a haven for students eager to immerse themselves in the realm of mass media. Dedicated to experiential learning, the Center boasts facilities that allow both students and faculty to approach mass communication with a hands-on approach. This inclusive learning hub offers undergraduates opportunities to engage with any or all of the media and student organizations housed within the Pulliam Center – which includes radio, newspaper, television and film, podcasting, and the literary magazine - or to use its facilities for personal and class projects. Here, every student, regardless of prior experience or field of study at DePauw, can explore media production in its many forms.  

In 2000, the facility underwent a transformation and was renamed the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media. This renaming was a testament to the generosity of the Pulliam Family, renowned figures in the newspaper landscape, who bestowed a $5 million gift upon the center. The Center's extensive resources are now devoted to nurturing a spectrum of co-curricular student activities, while serving as a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and the development of skills that enhance the education of all who enter its doors.      

The Center’s resources are primarily intended for a wide range of co-curricular student activities including:

General video, audio and still photographic production, teleconferencing and large-scale audio-visual presentations are supported in the facility.

The building also serves as a home for the Media Fellows program, and as a facility for activities sponsored by faculty and staff that enhance the academic experience.  The DePauw University Media Wall of Fame is also located in the PCCM.

Currently, public areas of the Pulliam Center are open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, while the university is in session.

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