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ARTS 364

Advanced Photography: Darkroom Experiments

An introduction to experimental cameras and darkroom photographic techniques, this course will explore alternative methods for creating photography. Technical processes will explore pinhole and Diana cameras, sandwiched negatives, hand-applied emulsions, and non-silver alternative processes such as Cyanotype. Students will simultaneously learn the history of photography as they push the boundaries of the medium. Emphasis will be placed on independent problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy and student initiated research. In addition to completed projects, advanced students will be expected to lead an in-class demonstration on a material or technique they have mastered, complete a research paper on a photographic artist, and present their research in an oral presentation. Prerequisite: Introduction to Photography and any 200-level photography course.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Introduction to Photography and any 200-level photography course. 1 course

Spring Semester information

Cynthia O'Dell

364A: Advanced Photography: Darkroom Experiments