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Miles, Lori A., MFA



(765) 658-6683

Peeler Art Center
Greencastle, IN

Art and Art History

Professor of Art and Art History

Professor of Art and Art History


BFA Herron School of Art, 1998

MFA University of Notre Dame, 2001


Teaching Interests: Sculpture: Sustainable Art Practices, Sculpture in Public Spaces, Contemporary Figurative Sculpture, Installation Art, Ethics and Controversy in Contemporary Art

Courses Regularly Taught:

Introduction to Sculpture 

Intermediate and Advanced Sculpture (thematically based)

Senior Seminar and First-Year Seminar

Research Interests: I came to know art in a house without fine art.  In my parents' home, objects and images were valued for how they were loved and labored over, with no other apparent hierarchy.  Bull horns hung next to my grandfather's beautiful watercolor landscapes, cheaply framed children's drawings beside wheat stalk weavings, calendar cut-outs from years long past shared equal billing with oil paintings, and for reasons I still can't explain, a paper-mache Rodney Dangerfield sat on our living room couch for years.  Though my family moved frequently- no army brat, just the daughter of parents affected by equal parts gypsy blood, wanderlust, and optimism- these same items adorned each new place and made it feel like home.  There was, for me, a palpable tension between the pedestrian nature of the objects and the heightened value they attained through our appreciation of them.  In their eclectic sincerity, they form the basis of my visual language.  These varied images are used to describe systems of knowledge that fall outside of traditional, scientific ones- ways of knowing that are intuitive or inherited and often fall outside the bounds of reason.


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