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BIO 190


Selected topics in biology. May include laboratory depending on subject.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Science and Mathematics 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Henning Schneider

190A: Tps:Behavior Development & Genetics

Genetic, developmental, and environmental factors shape the behavior of organisms. In this course we will learn about the basic concepts of genetics, development and behavioral organization and use case studies of animal and human behavior to explore connections between behavior, development and genetics. We will practice methods of inquiry including the collection, interpretation and communication of scientific data to better understand how new knowledge is generated in biology. The role of genetic, developmental and environmental factors that impact behavior in health and disease will be addressed. Topics include social behavior, migration, communication, sleep, embryonic and postembryonic development, genome organization, genome modification and evolution, epigenetics, and Mendelian and non-Mendelian genetics. The course includes a laboratory. No prerequisites.

Spring Semester information

Misha Blizard

190A: Tps:Ornithology: The Biology of Birds

As the direct descendants of dinosaurs and the only feathered species alive today, birds are fascinating organisms which have inspired biologists, artists, and engineers alike. Birds exhibit an amazing array of songs, colors, sizes, behaviors, and cognitive skills. In this course, we will examine birds from a variety of perspectives, from their evolutionary origins to the environments they inhabit, from their unique anatomy and physiology to the incredible diversity we observe across the world. We will also examine their role in the ecosystem, explore avian species common in your region, and discuss the challenges of increasingly human-dominated habitats.

This course does not include a laboratory. No prerequisites.