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CHEM 120

Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules

This course introduces the basics of chemical bonding, structure and behavior in the context of organic molecules. Emphasis is placed on the nature of bonding, how chemists determine structure, the three-dimensional aspects of structure and how molecular structure determines chemical behavior. Lab activities are designed to reinforce class topics while introducing common organic lab techniques, such as liquid-liquid extraction, NMR, IR, GC/MS, and molecular modeling. Prerequisite: high school chemistry or CHEM 100. May not be taken pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Science and Mathematics High school chemistry or CHEM 100 1 course, class and lab

Fall Semester information

Selma Poturovic

120A: Struc/Prop Organic Mol

Jeffrey Hansen

120B: Struc/Prop Organic Mol

Daniel Gurnon

120C: Struc/Prop Organic Mol