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CHEM 130

Structure and Properties of Inorganic Compounds

An introduction to structure, bonding, properties and simple reactions of inorganic compounds. Topics covered include basic quantum theory, bonding theories, molecular and solid state structure and periodic properties of the elements and their compounds. Application of these topics to biological, environmental and geological systems will be stressed. The lab will focus on the synthesis, structure, properties, and reactivity of inorganic substances, including simple ionic substances and coordination complexes. Characterization using infrared and visible spectroscopy is also introduced. Prerequisite: high school chemistry or CHEM 100. May not be taken pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Science and Mathematics High school chemistry or CHEM 100 1 course, class and lab

Fall Semester information

David Harvey

130A: Struc/Prop Inorg Compds

Hilary Eppley

130B: Struc/Prop Inorg Compds