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NEW! Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar Requirement

As part of the senior comprehensive requirement for all majors in our department, students must attend a total of 12 department seminars over 4 semesters (junior and senior years). A reduction of 3 to this total of 12 is granted for students who study off campus or any student who was a junior or senior during the Spring 2020 semester. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has a long tradition of faculty and students meeting together with scientists from outside our university. These seminars have provided and will continue to provide exposure to science beyond what students see in our courses and on- campus research as well as opportunities to build community. That dual goal of exposure to cutting edge science and building community is one way our department supports our commitment to our students’ professional and career development.

Seminars in the age of COVID-19

The department remains committed to our dual goals for the seminar requirement of
exposing our students to science they would not otherwise see in their coursework and research
at DePauw as well as building community among our students and faculty. To achieve those
goals  we will continue to provide a variety of virtual opportunities including
virtual seminar speakers, approved webinars, and virtual alumni panels.
The department will provide links here to approved virtual events. Students will work with
their advisors to record when they attend an event. You should expect to provide some kind of
evidence that you actively engaged in the event. Come back to this page to find events you want
to attend. We will also send you announcements of events.

Current Online Seminars



Event Title



1:00 pm EST

 AC/DC Program: Prof. Gionfriddo

Microextraction methodologies to unravel the complex composition of environmental samples

Zoom (link). 985 6143 4760. pass: Extraction




1:00-2:00 pm EST


Dr. Melane Odenkirk, North Carolina State University and Sondrica Goines, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


An online structural-based connectivity and omic phenotype evaluation (SCOPE) cheminformatics toolbox for lipidomic data visualization
Investigating the redox mechanism of PFOS cytotoxicity within HepG2 via hyperspectral assisted-scanning electrochemical microscopy


Zoom (link) room: 985 6143 4760     pass: 2022stars


1:00 pm EST

PittCon Conference: Shedding Light on Electrochemical Interfaces: How New Spectroscopic Strategies Inform Electrochemical Materials and Transformations

Link to Online Program

Free preregistration required.

May 13, 2022

10:00-11:00 am EST

Chem405 Thesis Presentation

Monica Stefaniak-JUL374

May 18, 2022

1;00 - 2:00 pm EST

John A. Adegoke, Monash University
Dr. Yao Yang, University of California Berkeley

Miniaturized ultraviolet/visible and near-infrared spectroscopy - a new pathway for detection of malaria infection
Operando methods for interfacial electrocatalysis

Zoom (link) room: 985 6143 4760     pass: 2022stars




December 6, 2021

 7-8:00 pm EST

Science History Online Program: Combating Air Pollution in Southern California in the 1950s

Link to online video preregistration required




December 8, 2021

7-8:00 pm EST


Science History Online Program: Material Matters: The Past and the Present of Rare Earth Elements Essential to Our Future

Link to online video preregistration required

Sept-Dec 2021 (Various Dates)


Various Times

Science History Online Programs -See Website for program titles, dates, times

Link to Program Listings


Archived Video


Dan Gurnon

Gene Therapy for Hemoglobin Disorders Link to Archived Video

Archived Video


Jennifer Doudna, CRISPR Biology and Biotechnology: The Future of Genome Editing

Link to Archived video

2018 lecture by Jennifer Doudna recent winner of the Nobel Prize presented at the Science History Institute 

Archived Video


DePauw Biology and Chemistry and Biochemistry Alumni Panel Discussion 

Link to Archived video

Passcode: #EMgs7Dr
NOTE: If you watch this archived video for seminar credit after the event, please contact your advisor for credit.

Archived Video


Dr. Purnell of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will discuss "Systemic Racism and Health Disparities Among Black Americans: The Importance of Community-Engaged Research" 

 Link to Archived video from African Studies You Tube site

NOTE: If you watch this archived video for seminar credit after the event, please contact your advisor for credit.


Archived Video


Professor David Harvey

Analyzing Large Data Sets: Principal Component Analysis, Cluster Analysis & Multiple Linear Regression

Recorded seminar link

If you view recorded seminar, please contact your advisor for credit.


4:00 pm EST

Professor David Harvey Romer's Rule and the Red Queen: Thoughts on the Past, Present, and Future Histories of Textbook 

Link to Archived Recording
Please contact your advisor for credit if you watch the archived video.

Archived Video

7:00 pm EST

Dr. Jeff Hansen, DePauw University

“Adventures in Synthesis or How to Kill Brine Shrimp”

Zoom link for archived seminar

Passcode  is &S74ScVz