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Computer Science Department

Code to Glory

Caymn Lutz

Intramurals have had an historically significant impact on the DePauw community. Whether it is flag football or basketball, many students each year love to enjoy the friendly competition of intramurals. In recent years, the system has died down a bit and is not as notable as it once was. One reason for that is the organization aspect of the program. Constant chaos of when and where to play has certainly turned away many individuals. DePauw would benefit tremendously from having an organized system in place to keep intramurals up and running. Code to Glory will enable the DePauw community to enjoy the true purpose of intramurals. Alleviating the stress of never having a schedule will allow for games to be completed on time while avoiding the disorder. Code to Glory will also include important features such as standing and rosters to let the community know who you are playing week in and week out.