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Computer Science Department

Danbooruwu: Artists’ Gallery

Phat Nguyen

Nowadays, when you talk about art, it does not simply consist of just museum art or sculptures and famous paintings, art has evolved into something much more. Originating from Japan, anime art appreciation has become a big culture among the art community, thus giving birth to a lot of talented illustrators who pursue this type of style. Sadly enough, compared to other realistic artists and sculptors, who have museums and exhibitions to themselves, anime illustrators do not have such grand platforms to showcase their products. As an anime illustrator myself, I want to give them a gallery-like website that can act as a platform to showcase all of their products. Furthermore, this will also benefit the fans of anime style art who want to look up art in the most convenient way possible without having to spend hours on Google searching desperately trying to find the artist to that piece they happen to come across on Pinterest.