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Computer Science Department


Russell Michaud

For many, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in our lives, including the temporary closings of bars across the country. As the country begins to open up again, many still fear the prospect of attending bars and restaurants due to medical conditions or just out of an abundance of caution. Bartend.me is designed to bring the experience of restaurant-grade cocktails to their own homes, using ingredients they have on hand! This web application will utilize AWS and embedded Ruby to allow users to enter the ingredients they have in their cabinets and provide an interactive list of cocktails they are able to make given their input. Users will sign in, and be prompted to add items to their “bar”. This can be liquors, mixers, etc., and will make up the “search terms” for the database of known drinks. If there are matches, the user will be presented an interactive/visual list of cocktails. If the user selects one of the provided drinks it will link to a page about the specific cocktail, including ratios, a step by step recipe, and possibly some history or origin of the cocktail. If possible, Users will also be able to submit their own recipes to be added to the database which can be viewed by other users.