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Computer Science Department

Liquidate: A web application for transferring money between different currency accounts

Syed Muhammad Mustafa

Liquidate is a database-backed dynamic web application developed using HTML5, CSS, MySQL Lite, and Ruby on Rails. The idea is to design and implement a convenient online payment web application where users can transfer money among each other through a simple click. Liquidate mimics traditional functionalities of payment applications such as Venmo, allowing users to sign-up, sign-in, add comments to their payments, and add friends to prevent repetitively searching for other users, but also integrates additional features such as credit transfer between accounts holding different currencies. The web application is to have 7 web pages in total, 3 of which will be exclusive only to customers that are signed into the application. Due to the sensitive financial nature of the web application, security will be a prime focus of development in particular, necessary validation will be placed to prevent any sort of SQL injections. Two-factor authentication methods via email will also be integrated to provide additional security.