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Tottenham Talk

Clayton Troyer

In the world of quick news and social media, podcasts have found a home among listeners of all sorts.  The Tottenham Hotspur Football Club fan podcast gives in depth game analysis and general Tottenham news/entertainment on a weekly basis.  Additionally, Tottenham Talk strives to be the best American Tottenham Podcast in a heavily European market.

Therefore, the Tottenham Talk website is necessary for the podcast hosts to create a hub for all American Tottenham Fans.  Users will learn more about the podcast and its hosts, give player ratings after each match, listen to any of the podcast episodes, read and respond to messages in the podcast’s Discord channel, contact the hosts through an email address, and interact with the Tottenham Talk Blog page.  On this page they can make an account to write their own articles, read other users’ articles, and even edit their own.  This level of interaction will allow the podcast to grow its audience and create a user-friendly environment to advocate for the team and the podcast.