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Computer Science Department


Gordian Bruns

Notetaking is frequently used to deepen our understanding and remember given material. It comes in many different forms: traditionally, people have used pen and paper; however, in the last years, more people switched to tablets. This is mainly due to the additional features that come with using electronic devices. If someone uses paper and pen, after additions and corrections, notes often end up messy or even partly unreadable and unusable.

EasyConvert tackles this problem and thus supports the transition from traditional notetaking to modernized versions of it. EasyConvert takes a given picture of notes or any handwritten document as input, analyzes the given text, and converts it to editable, typed text. Meanwhile, it also tests the accuracy of the developed model to draw conclusions regarding the best choice of algorithm. This will allow users to have their notes in a centralized place and insert, replace, delete, restructure, and copy their text easily. To do this most efficiently, EasyConvert is a desktop application with access to a local editor on the computer.