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Computer Science Department


James Havrilla

GoodTime is a company that’s been providing content and commentary on Tiktok and Youtube for 2 years. They are a growing group and recently reached 19,000 followers on TikTok. With the GoodTime website, fans can access all of the vlogs, blogs and other content created by the GoodTime company. Through the website, users can access all content as soon as its uploaded and they can interact with the company and comment their thoughts and opinions.

The main page will show the user recent activity from the company including Blogs and Videos. From there, users can find more blogs on the “Blogs” tab, which will provide a pdf of the post. The Vlogs tab includes every vlog GoodTime has produced, including quick links to YouTube. Further, the “Pods” tab will allow the users to see all the podcasts GoodTime is a part of. The “Staff” tab provides more information on the employees and content creators. Overall, the website aims to display everything GoodTime has created and allow fans to interact with the creators.