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Computer Science Department

Campus Delivery System

Nikita Polyakov

Often students on college campuses seek out employment opportunities that do not interfere with a busy class schedule. Some students appreciate the convenience of ordering food and having it delivered. The campus delivery system gives busy students an opportunity to gain flexible employment while also providing cheap and easy delivery for on campus stores. The campus delivery system (CDS) is a delivery service for students by students prototype. Most delivery services have a difficult time retaining delivery drivers, CDS takes advantage of this by requiring all deliveries to be initiated and fulfilled by students. Each user’s DePauw student Google account is connected to the user’s CDS account ensuring that only DePauw students can use this service. Because this is a prototype created for students, a $1-$2 delivery fee is charged, as there is no company hierarchy behind this service. All profits go to the student fulfilling order. Finally, to keep all users safe only campus sponsored stores are available on CDS (Campus store items only for the purpose of testing the prototype).