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Computer Science Department


Zongjing Chen

It is exciting to program a virtual robot and to watch it act on the screen; however, this requires a lot of programming and graphics knowledge. CustomRobot gives users with no such background an opportunity to control a virtual robot by writing simple code. CR is a new programming language designed specifically for this purpose. This new programming language has clear and simple syntax, offers two 3D models – an X bot and a Y bot– for users to choose. CustomRobot project contains a CR compiler that compiles the CR code to JavaScript code and a Python script to run the program. To write and run their own CR program, users need to learn the syntax of CR first. There is a reference guide for users to learn all the features and syntax of CR. After writing their CR code, users can run the program by following the instructions in the user manual. There robots will be displayed as an HTML webpage on a web browser.