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Education Studies Careers and Links

A variety of career paths are possible with a degree in Education Studies. Whether going on to graduate school or directly into a career, the opportunities are extensive.

Education Policy

(Lobby, Write Policy, Advocate)

Education Law

(Lawyer, Paralegal, Legal Consultant)

NGO (Non-governmental organization)
Juvenile Justice Advocate
Social Work
Family and Child Protective Services
Disabled Person's Advocacy
Social Justice Advocacy

Development of Educational Programs

(Policy, Program Development, Instruction)

Corporate Training Executive
Camp and Wilderness Program Development
Program Development for NGO's, Prisons, Geriatric Homes, and Children's Organizations
 Museum Programs and Exhibitions 

Educational Graduate Work

(Academic Foundation for Further Study)

Classroom Teaching

(Alternatives to Traditional Licensure)

(See Paths to Teaching for more details)

Comparative and International Education
Higher Education Administration
Alternative Certification
Charter Schools
Peace Corp
School Administration
International Teaching
Day Care Administration