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How to Complete the Ethics in Society Minor

How to Complete the ETS Minor

  1. Complete the Minor Declaration form online through the registrar’s website (recommended by the end of the junior year).

  2. Propose your ETS minor (contact director for proposal form).  Plan to meet with the director to discuss options prior to submitting your proposal.  The Steering Committee will review proposals each semester to ensure that the focus area is appropriately coherent and focus courses contribute to the learning goals of the program.  Once your proposal is approved:

  3. Complete the Registrar’s Minor Certification form, due November 15 of the senior year.

  4. Complete the capstone learning portfolio (contact director for guidelines).  The portfolio includes:

    1. Syllabi from each of the five courses in your minor

    2. A signature work from each of these courses and from any co-curricular activities you wish to include

    3. A document summarizing each of the signature works and their contribution to your ETS minor

    4. A reflective essay articulating the central questions at the heart of your focus area and what you have learned and can contribute to these questions

  5. Prepare your capstone presentation for the Prindle Institute spring symposium [details tbd].